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My name is Caroline Anande Uliwa a.k.a Carol Anande, a Poet, Singer & budding percussionist  born on the 24th Dec 1986 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Music was always a passion growing up but never was I encouraged by close society & family to pursue it, so I shelved it as a 'hobby' 

In my early twenties I thought to listen to the inner call to see if it was more than this and went on to participate in the East African Tusker Project Fame singing competition. This back in 2009, I gained the 11th position overall; the experience was an eye opener. I gleaned important facts of the industry and I understood music was certainly more than a hobby for me. 

So then I enrolled in a vocal coaching program with Vocal Coach Tony Joett a wonderful teacher, then I worked in several bands. Gaining gigs in restaurants, corporate events & hotels, singing covers mostly of afro-jazz/fusion songs.

There was always an itch though to sing my own songs, thankfully in 2015 I was invited to perform in South Africa for the Badilisha Poetry unveiling event. Since then I've performed my own work at various culture platforms in the city to include; the National Museum, Lyricist Lounge TZ, La Poetista, Nafasi Artspace, Goethe Institut & Alliance Francais. I've also performed as a curtain raiser for Oliver Mtukudzi in the East African Vibe Concert in 2016.

In March 2017 I launched an EP of my own music via a live show at Soma Book Cafe, my attempt to record the songs onto an album hit a wall. Being an independent artist working solely on my own has proved challenging.

Still I am grateful, looking forward to sharing more of my work which as you'll note below is unique, packing serious grit albeit raw in its presentation (part of those challenges I was talking about). Apart from being a singer/poet, I also compose my own songs working with other musicians to refine and arrange the same. I've had the pleasure of working with talented experienced musicians from my country including Msafiri Zawose, Vitali Maembe & MC KB of Kwanza Unit. Performing with instrumentalists like lead guitarist Norman Bikaka, percussionist Kauzeni Lyamba, base guitarist Bakuza Mosha & Leonard Kayoya to mention a few.

My Music/Kazi zangu za Muziki-KARIBU

Huu ni wimbo wangu wa kwanza kurekodiwa, ni sauti peke yake ukiendana na muongozo wa 'producer' Eline Vera tokea Uholanzi. I met her by chance on her exchange program at Kilimanjaro Film Institute in Arusha, Tanzania. We recorded this in a makeshift store studio with egg cartons for soundproof, she then took it to her country & worked magic. It's an acapella soundtrack for a documentary called 'Sauti Spice'.

This song is the first from my own composition called 'No Time' it highlights the journey of making your dreams a reality. Overcoming expectation and seeing divine light as a way that pushes you forward...

Here is a poem I conjured for the official launch of the Women Advancing Africa forum,
reciting this in front of Graca Machel the fierce elder extraordinaire was a big highlight for me. enjoy

This one is a collaboration just over an afternoon with musician Vitali Maembe. Unaitwa 'Utainuka' wahusu changamoto za kiuchumi zinazowakumba vijana na wasichana wengi barani kwetu.

Huu wimbo waitwa 'nishike mkono tena' wazungumzia penzi kati ya wawili ambao kwa namna moja au nyingine hawapo pamoja. Nilipata kiini cha wimbo toka kwenye mapigo ya guitar la base la Leonard Kayoya, nikiwa Zanzibar naye kwenye warsha ya wanamziki. Tokea hapo nilikutana nae na tukaunda wimbo huu...

This was me performing my two poems 'The Chorus' & 'Forgotten Garden' at a poetry reading event introducing Seamus Cashman, a great Irish Poet & his latest anthology 'The Sistine Gaze'...

Here I am performing my poetry 'Tamthilia za Roho' with contemporary dancers of Habahaba at the National Museum of Dar es Salaam, I learned a lot about performing on theatre.

Huu wimbo waitwa 'Sogea' ulinipa changamoto kuuandika kwani kiswahili hakitelezi kwangu, mwishowe baada ya kupata msaada. Nafurahi kukukaribisha uusikilize...

This song is titled 'Sala ni Hii' here I am performing it with base guitarist Sajal Boy from Ze Spirit Band. 

This one is a track that began with just me on vocals with this sick beat boxer JB a.k.a Ruganji Ntwari, later I got it in the ears of base guitarist Leonard Kayoya & MC KB and well it's a beautiful track. This video is a capture while it was still in progress but it's worth a peek

You can follow me on social media IG: @CarolAnande Facebook: @CarolAnande, Twitter: @CarolAnande


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